If your experience choosing your wedding song was anything like mine, it’s an unexpectedly intense process. So incredibly personal, it seems that the song you choose will define your relationship, both to your guests and to your future selves. Later, when you hear your song playing as you turn stations on the radio, as you shop, as you shuffle through your playlists, you’ll be taken back to that first dance– the way you held each other, so close; an indelible moment. I love hearing my clients’ first dance songs because it gives me an entirely new perspective on who they are, and what they mean to each other. Though there are lists upon lists in bridal forums, I thought I’d collect a few of my favorites in this series. I’ll post new songs as I find them.

You and me sitting on top of the world.

Carefree, just a boy and a girl.

It’s likely we’re both falling in love,

cause lately we just can’t get enough of us.

You and me floating on top of a cloud


singing this song out loud.

Easy learning to float like this,

like it should be…


In case you’re wondering, my husband and I chose “January Wedding” by the Avett Brothers…. but our grand entrance song was the theme from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and our first dance was followed by “My Love Forevermore” by the Hillbilly Moon Explosion– a beautiful, unquestionably dark song. Those were his choices. They were certainly non-traditional, but so are we and  it made him so happy to have his favorite songs played at such an important moment for us.  And I learned to compromise very early on in our marriage!