Guy Clark, in my opinion one of the best songwriters in recent history, passed away yesterday. As I was listening to his catalog of songs this morning I heard one, recorded in 2014, that I’d never really listened to much before. One of the things I love most about his songs are the stories they tell. I’m a sucker for a good story (as we all know), and beyond expected folk songs of love and heartbreak are tales imbued with magic (The Guitar), a sense of wonder, confidence and a life well-lived (The Cape), and an ode to some of the greats (Cold Dog Soup, with nods to Tom Waits and Townes Van Zandt.)

My favorite picture of you

Is the one where you’re staring

Straight into the lens


It’s a polaroid shot

someone took on the spot

No beginning no end


It’s a thousand words

In the blink of an eye

The camera loves you and so do I


On the topic of favorite pictures, here’s one of mine. A very formal portrait of my husband sitting outside our driveway, on my last piece of 4×5 large format instant film (which has unfortunately been discontinued.) Coincidentally, this photo was also ‘recorded’ in 2014.

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