I’ll admit it– I watch the show Nashville. But Chet and I had been wanting to go for years, even before I got completely sucked into ABCs soapy country drama, and when the opportunity arose earlier this month we jumped on a plane and went. Our only plans were to listen to live music as much as possible, and we saw some really, really amazing bands. Besides doing the typical, touristy Nashville things (The Opry, Ryman Auditorium, and honky tonk bars on Broadway), we also discovered some cool little spots in East Nashville (5 Spot, Marche) and one of the neatest stores ever, Two Old Hippies. The city smells like leather and week-old beer, and is an equal mix of super-serious musicians and Vegas-like bachelorette parties. (The city is appropriately nicknamed “NashVegas”.)   Highlights of the trip? I got to eat fried green tomatoes for the first time ever– amazing!– and I saw Dolly Parton’s handwritten lyrics to the song “Jolene“…one of my favorite sad songs.