It’s been a long time in the making. I’ve been working on a new logo for a few months now, and thanks to an incredibly talented graphic designer and dear friend, I’m pleased to introduce the new Mishina Photography logo.

With this design, I wanted something classic that spoke to the elegance of weddings, but also considered the heart. I think of love whenever I see an anthurium, the tropical heart-shaped flower in the corners. The overall pattern is based on Hawaiian quilts, which remind me of home and of the importance of family and history. (In Hawaii, these painstakingly-made quilts are heirloom items that are passed down from generation to generation.) I see photographs as being quite similar. Your history is woven into the images, and it’s a tangible “something” that will bring you warmth and joy and comfort in the years to come. 

And the gray– I love gray. To me, gray symbolizes the soul and story of photography. Photos used to be made with light-sensitive silver and platinum; they were literally made of precious metals. Now, we have inkjet and Instagram, but I am still inspired by silver and the early photographic processes. Gray also implies all that rests between the lines; it’s the universe of emotions, stories and relationships that happen between black and white.